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Basic Makeup Tips For the Morning After

Had a late night out? Maybe even a bit crazy sleepover? There's no reason why you can't enjoy a good time all night long without looking terrible the next day. If you don't wanna look like you are doing the walk of shame, these makeup tips will ensure that you are radiant and beautiful no matter what! 

If you haven't done it yet, there's nothing better than a splash of cold water on your face in the morning. However, let's get real, in some situations (like this one), it is not enough to do the whole soap and water routine. You need a special effort with the cleansing wipes to remove all the makeup and clean those raccoon eyes. Go for it!

After that, enter every girls best friend: BB cream. Also, hide sleep-deprived circles with quenching concealer. And don't forget bronzer, it helps cancel out beard burn.

This makeup tip is the KEY!


Use white eye shadow. It's ideal for adding some brightness to your eyes and making them look wide awake. Dab a bit just under your brows and a bit more in the corners of your eyes. Also, curl your lashes and add mascara to look even more awake instantly.


The quickest way to appear pulled together and fresh-faced is by swiping on a red lipstick. The color will stand out and will catch the attention from any skin imperfections, that are result of that crazy night dance party.


You don't have much time to get ready, and hair is not your priority. So let's make it easy. Just spread a spritz of dry shampoo at the roots and a sprinkle of texturizing powder at the middle and ends. Then,   twist your hair into a bun, low pony or a braid.  


Voila! With these beauty tips, your crazy night out is covered. No one will know about your crazy nocturnal activities. But don't fall asleep at work or at class! 


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