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8 Nars Nail Colors Perfect For Spring

My love for Nars runs deep. Francois Nars speaks to me on a level I don't even think he knows is possible. Nars lipsticks are to die for and the concealers are life-changing. Blush, foundation, eye shadows-you name it, I've bought it in bulk.

Since it is officially spring, nails are a big thing again. Your hands are free from those dreaded (but fabulous) leather gloves or coat pockets, so your nail game has to be strong. Save your dark, moody shade for fall. Nothing goes better with a spring tan than a nice pop of color.

Here are our favorite Nars shades for the spring season:

1. Arabesque 

2. Trouville

3. Schiap

4. Thasos

5. Hunger

6. Orgasm

7. Pastorale

8. Kalymnos


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