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Kim Kardashian On Her Top Designers and Coveted Contouring Secrets

We dug through the Harper's Bazaar archive to bring you this gem. It's almost summer, which means everyone is preparing their bodies, minds and wardrobes for longer days and warmer weather. The hermit days are over, it's time to really invest in our beauty routines again.

In this episode of the Harper's Bazaar series, "The Look", Laura Brown interviews Kim Kardashian about her favorite designers and the evolution of her personal style. "No sweats anymore," Kim laughs. "It's all about a Valentino leather jacket to the airport. And a Celine top." She goes on to say, "I used to be super trendy and totally sexy… just more even recently, my style has become a little bit sleeker."

When Laura asks her about her first major fashion purchase, Kim gushes about a Prada backpack she got when she turned 16. "I couldn't scratch it. It was my favorite piece ever. I was so excited when I got it".

The star also spilled about why she's always being accused of plastic surgery. According to her, nothing but Botox has touched that face. She shoots down rumors of a nose job by saying, "It just depends on how your nose is contoured".

In this episode, she hilariously shows Laura how to contour her face (using colors that are totally not her shade) to make it look sharper. She also shows her which angles are most flattering for a slimmer look.


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